Rules of participation in the partner program

General provisions:

Please, attentively study rules of operation on our partner network before starting. Ignorance of rules is no defense, we have the right to apply any sanction to the project participant, even the strictest one with holding of 100% of the amount on the account, and writing of a presenting request on WebMoney. You should not try to deceive us, as a result you will deceive yourself, nullify your money and time expenses. If you doubt the traffic, please, specify it with the help of the personal manager, do not hesitate to contact us, we will always help and advise.

It is strictly forbidden:

It is forbidden to direct the traffic with completely different content from the stated (for example, the advertising banner offering school training materials is shown to the Subscriber, and the paid access to movie service is provided as a result of daily payment).

It is forbidden to use a nonexistent software as a tool of offers' attraction (email hacking, hacking of social networks, etc.).

Involvement of subscribers by hacking their accounts in social networks is forbidden.

It is forbidden to advance subscription services (place banners, Clickunders, Redirects from pages) and attract users using the subject forbidden at the legislative level. Including: child porn (at least one of participants is the minor or looks like the minor; the text for attraction says that at least one of participants is the minor; the child porn masking as incest, etc. subjects where it is obvious that one of participants it the minor, or it is obviously possible to assume that one of participants is the minor); with bases of USE answers; with bases of personal data; with instructions for manufacture, acquisition, use of drugs; with instructions for manufacture, acquisition, use of weapon or explosives; with violence of sexual nature; with subject of zoophilia, necrophilia; with subject of a suicide; with scope of making of illegal acts (thefts, robberies, violence, terrorism).

Implementation of redirects of the subscriber on the page of the operator in case of the actions of the subscriber directed to closing of banners or any other actions, which are not relating to connection of a subscription, is forbidden.

It is forbidden to use malicious software for implementation of subscriptions on subscriber devices.

To ask familiar / accidental people to follow the subscription link, to make payment.

To use "scrap" for draining of a traffic bypassing the Site administrator - we will bring out all your data.

To buy advertising in the sections devoted to the known programs - OperaMini, ICQ, Skype etc.

To use the words "USE", "SFE", "freebie", "free of charge", "youngsters", "zoo", "gays" and all synonyms in promo-materials.

Multi accounts / repeated registration of yourself as a referral.

Communication with support desk remains only between the partner and administration, no citing or announcement to the third parties is allowed.

Requirements to the partner websites:

We shall see that your website is created for people, but not for demonstration to administration of the partner program.

Complete compliance to the above mentioned rules.

We have pre-landings for beginners and dubious projects.


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