Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

For protection of your personal data we implemented a row of security features which work in case of input, transmission or operation with your personal data.

Disclosure of personal data and transmission of these data to the third parties

Your personal data are divulged by us only in that case, if it can be necessary for: (a) support of compliance to instructions of the law or to requirements of trial in our relation; (b) protection of our rights or the property (v) acceptance of urgent measures for support of personal security of our employees or customers of the services provided to them and also to support of public safety. The personal data received in our instruction in case of registration can be transferred to the third organizations and faces being with us in partnership for improving of quality of the rendered services. These data will not be used in any other purposes, except listed above. The e-mail address provided by you in case of registration can be used for sending messages or notification messages about the changes connected to your request and also mailing of messages about the events and changes, important information on new goods and services, etc. happening in the company. Denial from a subscription to these e-mails is provided.

Use of "Cookie" files

When the user visits a website, the cookie file registers in his computer (if the user allows reception of such files). If the user has already visited this website, the cookie file is read out from the computer. One of the directions of use of the cookie files is connected to the fact that with their help collection of statistics of visit is facilitated. These data help to define what information sent to customers can be of the greatest interest to them. Collection of these data is carried out in the generalized view and never corresponds to personal data of users. The third parties, including the Google companies, show advertisements of our company on pages of the websites on the Internet. The third parties, including the Google company, use cookies to show the advertisements based on the previous visits by the user of our web sites and interests in web browsers. Users can forbid the Google companies to use cookies. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the special page of the Google company here:

Changes in announcement concerning maintenance of confidentiality

Announcement concerning maintenance of confidentiality is supposed to be updated periodically. The date of the previous updating specified at the beginning of the document will change at the same time. Messages about changes in this announcement will be put in a visible place of our websites.
Having placed the order of any goods on our website, you agree to receive SMS with the delivery receipt of the goods purchased by you in the relevant post office, according to the index specified by you.
We thank you for the interest to our system!


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